Government has approved establishment of Emergency Response Centers on all major highways of the Province through PPHI-B. The purpose of the project was to establish 25 centers over the period of 3 years to cater high rate of road accidents. These centers will be established at different points on highways. To cover the RCD (N-25) Highway with a beat size of 50 km we need 14 centers. Central control room will be in MERC Head Office at Quetta with 1122 as UAN. Initial MERC setup will be established in containers (where no buildings available) Two fully equipped ambulances, 2 bikes, 1 rescue vehicle with (knock off tank) will be placed at each center.

What We Do

MERC establishes Emergency Response Centers along major highways in Balochistan. Our aim is to address the high rate of road accidents by providing swift and efficient emergency medical assistance. These centers, strategically located along the highways, are equipped with fully equipped ambulances, bikes, and rescue vehicles to respond promptly to emergencies. With a central control room located at MERC Head Office in Quetta, individuals can reach us easily by dialing 1122, ensuring rapid coordination and response..


Our vision is to create safer highways in Balochistan by establishing a comprehensive network of Emergency Response Centers. We envision a future where every individual traveling on the roads of Balochistan feels secure knowing that immediate medical assistance is readily available in case of emergencies. Through our proactive approach and commitment to excellence, we strive to minimize the impact of road accidents and save lives across the province..


MERC's mission is to establish 25 Emergency Response Centers along major highways in Balochistan within a span of three years, with a particular focus on the RCD (N-25) Highway. By strategically placing these centers at intervals of 50 kilometers, we aim to provide comprehensive coverage and timely assistance to accident victims and individuals in need of medical aid. Our dedicated team, equipped with advanced medical facilities and rescue vehicles, is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the people of Balochistan..